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Before embarking on her journey with McCallum Dental, Leslie boasts a rich background, having collaborated closely with Dr. Soltani since 2018 at Bakerview Dental Centre in an administrative capacity. Her remarkable trademark of exuding friendliness and wearing a warm smile has consistently set the stage for an environment of positive patient experiences at McCallum Dental.

During the exciting phases of designing, construction, and the meticulous installation of state-of-the-art equipment in our new office, Leslie’s contributions were invaluable. Her dedication and efforts were pivotal in ensuring the seamless creation of a comfortable and efficient setting for both patients and the team.

Leslie’s professional journey encompasses years of honing customer service and administrative skills as a small business owner and entrepreneur. Her profound interest in the dental realm prompted her to delve deeper, spending numerous years as a Certified Dental Assistant. This amalgamation of experiences positions her as a vital asset, enabling her to provide invaluable assistance to fellow team members and contribute to the overall synergy of McCallum Dental’s skilled and affable team.

As an approachable point of contact, Leslie eagerly awaits your call to assist in booking appointments. Her patience and comprehensive knowledge make her the perfect ally in ensuring that you receive the optimal services you seek within the welcoming confines of our Langford dental clinic. Leslie’s commitment to personalized patient care shines, reflecting McCallum Dental’s overarching dedication to enhancing the dental experience through a blend of expertise and a warm-hearted approach.

In essence, Leslie’s journey from Bakerview Dental Centre to McCallum Dental reflects her unwavering commitment to the field of dentistry, as she continues to play a central role in crafting a dental care haven where expertise, care, and patient comfort converge seamlessly