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Registered Dental Hygienist
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Sarah is not just your ordinary dental hygienist; she's the smile behind countless brighter ones. With a contagious grin that lights up the room, Sarah has a knack for making patients feel at ease from the moment they step into the dental office. Her professional demeanor coupled with her warm, approachable nature has earned her the admiration of all who sit in her chair. A true master of communication, Sarah has a unique talent for explaining the intricacies of oral hygiene in a clear and accessible manner. Patients often commend her for her patience and dedication to ensuring they understand the importance of maintaining good dental health. Beyond her role in the office, Sarah is a valued team player, always willing to lend a hand and support her colleagues. When she's not busy ensuring smiles stay healthy, you can find Sarah outdoors, soaking up nature's beauty or finding her inner peace through yoga practice. With a passion for interior design, Sarah's creative flair extends beyond the dental office, where she enjoys transforming spaces into havens of comfort and style. In all aspects of her life, Sarah's genuine warmth, professionalism, and zest for life shine through, making her not just a remarkable dental hygienist but also a cherished member of any community she belongs to.

Specialty Registered Dental Hygienist
Degrees RDH
Work Days Thursday