Experienced and caring team of dental professionals. Offering a wide variety of dental services in Langford, BC.

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You can sit back, relax and watch Netflix while getting your teeth cleaned.

Our dental team of highly professional and experienced dentists and dental hygienists offer services in all areas of dentistry and will take care of your smile!

As part of our best effort guaranteed-satisfaction-service, our dentists and dental team will :

  • Provide our patients with the latest and best dental techniques available. Our primary focus is comfort of our patients and transparency of all procedures.
  • Create a warm and welcoming environment centred on making each and every visit a pleasant experience for our patients and their families.
  • Do our best to offer services at an affordable price and make all effort to work with your insurance provider to reduce the cost to you.
  • Try to minimize outpatient referrals.

We pride ourselves on offering modern diagnosis and treatment options.

A paramount part of our service is to have our patients well-informed and to ensure that all their needs are met without imposing unnecessary expenses on them.

McCallum Dental Clinic

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