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Registered Dental Hygienist
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Ranelle is a dedicated Registered Dental Hygienist at McCallum Dental in Langford, where her passion for dental care shines through in every interaction with her patients. With a genuine concern for their well-being, she goes above and beyond to ensure they receive the highest standard of care. Ranelle's commitment extends beyond the clinic walls; she finds immense joy in educating both patients and children about the importance of oral hygiene. Her enthusiasm and engaging approach make learning about dental health not only informative but also enjoyable for those she teaches. Outside of her professional life, Ranelle finds solace in the stunning natural landscapes of Vancouver Island. Embracing the beauty of the outdoors, she spends her spare time exploring the lush forests, pristine beaches, and scenic trails the island has to offer. A passionate golfer, she also relishes the opportunity to hit the links, combining her love for the game with the tranquility of nature. Whether she's caring for patients or soaking in the beauty of her surroundings, Ranelle's zest for life and dedication to both her profession and personal interests are truly admirable.

Specialty Registered Dental Hygienist
Degrees RDH
Work Days Tuesday Wednesday